How to Safely Wash a Down Comforter

Few things in life are as soft and as comfortable as your down comforter.  But safely washing them can be a tricky matter.  They are usually too large for your home washing machine, and it’s best to have professionals safely wash your down comforter. 

First check the tag on your down comforter.  It may have a preferred method of washing, or it may say dry clean only.  Yield to the warnings on the tag of your down comforter.  Ignorantly throwing it into your washing machine might ruin your comforter—or your washing machine. 

If you are in doubt about the preferred method, take it to the dry cleaners and they can clean it for you. 

If you prefer to wash it yourself, or don’t want to pay for dry cleaning you can take it to the Laundromat.  Use the largest commercial washer they have their, and wash with warm water. 

Because the Down comforter is so large and can be difficult for the washing machine to handle, it’s best to run the cycle on gentle. Load the down comforter inside the machine in a way that will prevent it from catching on the ends of the washer. 

Dry your comforter on low heat for as long as it takes to dry.  Down comforters are big and may soak up a lot of water—so it may take a little while to dry. After you get it out of the dryer, pat it and see if you can feel any dampness.  If it still feels a little damp, you may need to let it air dry a little.