How to save money on groceries, for real

1- Make a grocery list and stick to it! Making a list will help to ensure you buy the things you need and reduce impulse shopping in the grocery aisles. If you don’t need it, don’t buy it.

2 – Cross check your grocery list with your stores weekly flyer. Most things are labeled in the aisles on sale but not all the time. Having the flyer at the checkout comes in handy too when your peanut butter rings up at $3.49 when it is really on sale for $1.99.

3 – Eat something before you go shopping. There is nothing like an empty stomach to lead you and your wallet astray in the cookie aisle.

4 -Try not to buy brand names. Often the generic brand has the same ingredients as the more expensive brand names.

5 – Remember to take your recyclables back for the deposit. When you buy anything recyclable they charge you for the refund. Why not get it back? Those nickels and dimes can add up.

6 – Use your freezer. Buy meat and chicken in family packs even if there are only 2 or 1 of you eating. When you get home split the family pack into smaller portions, place in freezer bags and freeze them. Then you can thaw out just what you need without wasting the rest. This will help you save money and save time.

7 – Keep your sliced bread in the fridge. It will last longer.

8 – Buy fresh fruits and vegetables you know you will eat withing week. Buying food and having it go bad is the same as throwing money away.

9 – Weigh your fruits and vegetables. Don’t just eyeball how much you’re buying. Know what things are costing you.

10 – Buy foods with a higher nutritional value. Foods high in sugar, fillers, sodium and overall empty calories may fill you up but won’t feed you. If you are eating more you will have to buy more. Nutritional food will fill you up longer and give you healthy energy.

11 – If you’re grocery store offers a store card, get one. It can save you extra money on promotional items.

12 – Buy “staples” in bulk. Staples are things you use often. Such as sugar, butter, pasta, toilet paper, paper towels, etc…Buying larger quantities is usually cheaper.

13 – Finally,if you can find ways to go to the grocery store less,like by buying in bulk, you will save money on gas and save time for other things.