How to Sell 3D Models Online

Step 1: Before you can sell your models you need to see where you can sell it. You can simply Google “sell your 3d models” or to make things quicker go to the first link in the resources section and it will give you a list of the largest online marketplaces for 3D models. Take your time and look around to see what others are selling and for how much.

Step 2: Notice that all of the models for sale have preview renders, you’ll need to do the same to advertise the model. In my experience, quality and detail sell. A good method to show detail and quality is to render with Brazil Rendering or VRay Rendering. These programs install to your modeling software (in my case 3DS Max 2008) and allow you to render at a much higher definition than the software’s default renderer. This will impress a potential buyer.

Step 3: Also you will need a format converter. Not all animators or studios use the same file format, it would be a good idea to get a format converter. Anything, that will be able to convert say .max files to .ma or .obj. though most 3D modeling programs come with multiple options to export it’s alway a good idea just in case.

Step 4: Now signup to any of the online marketplaces you have found, or were listed on the resource at the bottom of this guide, and start uploading. Usually you make a commission off of your work (can be 40-75%) however you set the final price of the model.


Here are a few sites you can market to:

  • TurboSquid
  • Exchange3D
  • 3D Export
  • Presto3D
  • Wirecase
  • 3D02
  • Daz3D

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