How to speed up a dial-up modem

How to speed up a dial up internet connection.

If you are one of the millions of people still stuck on 56K (or slower) dial up internet connection, try some of these tips and tricks to get more out of your dial up connection and dial-up modem.

Check the lines.

Your dial-up connection runs through a dial-up modem that connects to the internet through your telephone landline. If your lines aren’t clean’ or free of noise and static, the connection will be affected.

If you pick up your home phone and the dial tone sounds distorted, filled with static, crackles, or is noisy, then your landline connection isn’t clean. First, replace the phone line running from your home phone(s) to the phone jack. Also replace the phone line running from your modem to the phone jack.

Now when you pick up the landline phone handset, the line should be clear. If it still isn’t you may need to contact the phone company to come out and test and possibly replace some of the telephone lines and jacks.

Check your modem settings.

Some modems may by default be set to a lower speed than the maximum potential speed. Go into Control Panel, Modems, then Properties. Select the highest modem speed available.

While connected to the internet you should be able to see the realtime connection speed in your ISP window or dial up connection in the lower right of your Start menu.
Update the firmware.

Most computer hardware and device cards have firmware which helps them run. The maker of your modem may release updated versions of the firmware, check online for the maker of your modem (which you can find under the Modem options under Control Panel). Browse their page for hardware support or firmware updates.

Get a web accelerator.

There are a wide range of applications and software programs that claim to boost the speed of your dial up modem internet connection. What these programs essentially do is speed up your connection by reducing web page load times.

They are an add on to your browser and store images of the web pages you visit. Then when you visit those pages again the majority of the page’s information’ is stored already in your browser cache and less has to be loaded.

The programs also try to use existing information about the web page you visit by minimizing the amount of information such as text and video that needs to be loaded to your browser window. So a image’ of the sites are stored on your computer and browser cache.

Then the software looks for changes and updates since the last visit and the page loaded takes the already stored image and combines with any new information to help the web page load faster.

Some well known dial up acceleration programs include Artera Turbo Residential and Propel Accelerator. Both come with a monthly fee so unless you have no access to cable or DSL services, you may want to consider upgrading to non-dial up internet connections.

Try these tips and services to get the most out of your dial up modem internet connection.