How to stay aware of the fast talking internet players who want to help you earn money

How to Be very careful when looking to earn money online  

You are very popular. No, really you are. Every day your email has offer over offer to help you plan your future and become your own boss, be rich and famous and work one hour a day, how hard can that be? Well, truth be told, who wouldn’t be tempted. And, in our hearts, we know that outlandish promises like $10,000.00 a month working an hour a week takes a lot to swallow.

Things You’ll Need:

basic brain power to sit back and consider what really sounds possible and what sounds like magic beans being planted in the garden…and only having to climb the bean pole once a week, for an hour, t

You get the email that tells you with no money down, you can be the next millionaire, by working only one hour a week. They did it, and since no one helped them, they decided THEY would be different and offer to help 500 people, just like they used to be, honest good people who just need a break in life. They did careful checking and are please to tell you, you have been included in that magic 500 number. Don’t forget that magic 500 number, it will be important to them in the future. Write it down, somewhere safe, it will be necessary for this to be successful. And the best part this will cost you nothing to join this magic 500 spot. nothing at all.

Sounds good, huh. Wow, you have been chosen. HOW? ok, it says they want to help, but are kinda vague on what you will have to do with this magic 500 group of people. And no cost to join.

Everyone is now saying that their idea will not cost anything to sign up for, absolutely no charge at all. Then you find that is only the first step, to sign up for it, it is free, but you can’t go on to the next step unless you pay the small fee of $_________. and then it begins.

yes, there is a small fee, however it will be paid back to you because even before you start, people are joining and being signed up under your name, and you will be getting a check so, it really won’t cost you a thing. Well, that’s not how it really works. In a pyramid scheme like this, the founding members do get rich, they are at the top, and get a cut of everyone below themselves. However by the time the level of the multi level, also called MLM is your place, not so much.

Where there is an outright case with intent to defraud, if the levels can be traced back far enough international laws can be involved as well as interstate laws, and thru the mail, brings in the U S Postal Service. They take a dim view of mail fraud.

That is one of the reasons computer fraud is so prevalent. Remember the only one’s getting rich fast, are the bad guys, with your money. Please be careful. Your children learn from you, you teach your values to them, don’t teach them how to lose money that could have gone to building up a savings account for the family.

In times that are tough, get rich schemes come out of the woodwork, and you have to be so very careful.