How to Stay Out Of Debt During The Holidays

1. Stay within your budget. If you are lucky you have been able to set a little back each month with the holidays in mind. If you are not able to look for stores that will give you a layaway plan then here are a few ideas: Kmart,, and These will give you a layaway plan on a lot of their products. And at least try to only use your credit cards for emergencies only. You may need them later on.

2. Use your common sense. Sure you would like to buy your wife that diamond ring but how many payments are you looking at? Is that going to completely cut out your vacation this summer? And do want to get him that fancy watch you saw advertised? But how much is it going to set you back?

3. Think ahead. In late summer when the vacation is over and you are starting to look toward Fall think about the holidays coming up. Start planning for what you know is coming. Out of season sales are a good place to find presents for family members. Keep it in mind when you see infomercials and late night gizmos you know he would love for sale on the television.

4. Be a smart shopper. If you start cutting back on the more expensive cuts of meat after the last big barbecue you could save a considerable amount on monthly grocery bills. Find community store sales on non-perishable items.

5. Does it have to be Gucci? Do all the presents have to be name brand? Could you get that one special item and then go down a rung on the brand name ladder? Thrill her but don’t make the next year a hell on Earth.

6. Beware of scams and fraud during the holidays. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. And, if the salesman is trying to hurry you into the sale- THINK!


Agree on the amount you will spend on one another and stick to it. The beginning of the year you will be glad you did.


* Be sure to check the return policy on large ticket items. Special sales may not have one.