How to Stop Your Car If Your Brakes Fail

Where ever you might be!!

There have been times in a lot of peoples lives where they have been driving and suddenly realize they do not have breaks, don’t panic!! There are a few different ways to slow your vehicle to a stop if this was to happen. Just remember to keep a total focus on the situation. If your brakes fail and you are out of a populated area you have a little more time to concentrate on this. If your in a highly populated area you must be on your toes in order to do what it is you have to. Hopefully you will get up from this ad with a little more relief knowing that if was to happen to you , you could prevent a catastrophe. s So follow my steps and you should have no problem.

Things You’ll Need:

  • total control of your thoughts
  • know your car


OK, The first thing we want to do is take your foot off the das and pump the brake pedal a few times to see if they will stop you. If that is not the problem then right onto the next with no hesitation.

Step 2

I f your car is a manual transmission, then downshift until you are in the lowest gear, or apply your e-brake, if it is working properly you will have no problem stopping. If it is not working turn your ignition off this will work if your accelorater is not stuck and your engine racing.

Step 3

If your car has an automatic transmission, put it in neutral and shut the car off, try using your e-brake here also and if it works properly you will stop. You can now see why inspection stations are so strict on e-brake laws, remember you can always keep pumping the brake pedal, they just could catch.

Tips & Warnings

  • Remember never panic, keep total focus on the situation.
  • DO NOT PANIC! It only takes a second to loose it!