How to Straighten Curly Hair

How to Straighten Curly Hair


Have really CURLY hair that you would like to have as straight as an arrow?? Well listen here and you will have the know how and skills to ACHEIVE this goal!!


Things You’ll Need:

  • Hair
  • Straightener
  • Rat-tail comb
  • Serum

Step 1 Make sure hair is completly dry… ((if it is not… your hair can FRY as soon as you put the straightener on it)) and that is NOT CUTE!!

Step 2


PART your hair about two inches ABOVE the NAPE of your neck and tie up the access!! Leave little amounts of hair to work with and the RESULTS will be BETTER!!

Step 3 Now grab a two inch section of hair and comb through… ((Again little AMOUNTS of hair at a time to achieve PERFECT results))

Step 4 Straighten section… starting from the root and sliding down to the tip. ((Stop sliding about an inch away from the tip to avoid burning and splitting hair))

Step 5 Once all is straightened… let about 2 more inches of hair down from the tied up access and REPEAT step three…

Step 6 REPEAT STEPS THREE through FIVE until whole head is straightened…

Step 7 Now comb through whole head and smooth down with serum if needed… Serum will also help with FRIZZING up…