How To Tell If Your Pet is Psychic

Doesn’t it seem that pets sometimes have the ability to figure out what their owners are thinking, what their mood is, or what their owner’s next move is going to be? Dog owners know well that their dogs will sit at the door just before they get home in anticipation of their arrival. Cats will also sit at doors and windowsills when they know their owner is coming.

At times, their behavior changes according to their owners’ moods or health conditions. It is well known that animals have vast therapeutic value. They seem to know when they are needed on a lap or at the feet of someone in need of comfort. Don’t forget about pets who have somehow managed to track their owners over hundreds or thousands of miles in order to be with them. Many people feel this is a level of ‘understanding’ on the part of the animal which is akin to psychic abilities.

Is YOUR pet psychic? Ask yourself these questions:

Does your pet seem to understand your moods and feelings?

Does your pet disappear when it’s time to go to the vet?

Does it stare at the wall or some spot for hours and there is nothing there?

Is it always at the door to greet you regardless of what time you show up?

Is it more attentive when you’re in a bad mood?

When you think about taking your dog for a walk, does it get excited?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, your pet may have psychic abilities.

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