How to to Not Become a Lazy Housewife

Whether you’re a full-time or part-time housewife, here are some important tips for not becoming a lazy one. Most importantly, following these tips will keep you feeling great!

  • Rise and shine: Seriously, when you first rise be sure to find a way to shine. Instead of getting on the computer in your bathrobe or sitting in front of the TV – take a shower and dress as though you are expecting guests. You don’t need to dress to the nines, but at least be clean and presentable. This is vitally important, because doing this will keep you in a great mood all day.
  • Move: before you shower, do something ritual such as a five minute stretch routine. Light a candle or do it with a cup of coffee.  It’s a simple thing that will make you feel like a million bucks all day.
  • Pamper thyself: If you have the time, get ready with love in the morning. Take a bath and slather your skin with lovely lotion. If you don’t have the time – make a weekly date night with yourself. Make a Pamper Thursdays routine where as soon as your husband walks in the door, you hang up your apron and head to the powder room for the evening. Have fun with polishing your nails, bleaching your mustache, touching up your roots, and even *gasp* shaving your legs! Do it as though you are getting ready for a really hot date.
  • Speaking of aprons. Wear one. Become a collector of really cute aprons that even match your outfits. If you have a sewing machine, start making them. There is a real lack of cute aprons and you may be able to make a business selling vintage style aprons on the side (or give them away for Christmas gifts).
  • Become an appliance queen: I have a breadmaker, a crockpot, a deep fryer, a waffle maker, you name it. I also have a special shelving system that I keep all of these appliances on. About once a week, I choose an appliance to work for me. This actually frees up my time quite a bit for more important things such as writing on ehow.
  • Don’t become the cliche gossipy housewife: You know what I am talking about. There seems to be a breed of housewives that sit around and gossip and complain with one another and this breeds laziness to no end. Make it a rule to only listen when other’s gossip and NEVER speak badly about your husbands. This is a favorite game housewives play: “my husband is worse than yours” comparison game. Instead, brag about your husband with love and charm and just simply doing that will change everyone’s attitude into gratitude.
  • Trickery: okay, this is an important and final step. LOOK busy. When your husband walks in the door be sure there is a dollop of flour on your hair, lipstick on your lips, a baby on one hip and a vacuum in another. Instead of looking tired and bedraggled, appear amazing high and energetic as though you have just taken a hit of very strong caffeine. Your husband will feed off this energy immediately and forget about his boring and lazy day at work.