How To Treat Severe Cases of Sun Poison

Protecting ones skin from the harmful rays of the sun is critical to avoid permanent damage of the skin as well as developing skin cancer in years to come.  Sun poison is another problem in which is caused by the sun.  There are a few different ways in which sun poison should be treated.

 First, sun poison may take up to 48 hours to completely surface.  Sun poison leaves it marks by extreme redness of the skin, blisters, peeling, extreme tenderness and pain.  If your sun poison is severe enough you need to seek professional medical attention.

 You should first try applying cold ice packs or compress to the effected area.  In addition, you may want to try a cool shower and then try applying some henna lotion.  If your condition worsens within the first 24 hours then it is best to seek medical attention.

 The emergency room will more than likely treat serious burns from the sun with ice packs, steroids for inflammation, pain medicine for the severe pain associated with sun poison and possible treatment with creams containing silver nitrate.

 I can attest to the fact that silver nitrate creams work like a miracle.  A former sun poison survivor, once the docs applied the cream to my skin, I felt relief within 10 minutes.  The only drawback is that the cream will turn your skin silver.  I can live with a silver face; I cannot live with the unbearable pain associated with sun poison.  Sun poison can cause first, second and even third degree burns. 

 You need to protect your skin from the sun.  SPF lotions, sunglasses, hats and long sleeve shirts serve to protect some parts of the body prone to sun exposure.  Make sure you see your doctor if any skin lesions or strange marks appear on the surface of the skin.