How to Turn Down a Marriage Proposal Gracefully

Life is full of paths where one has to make crucial decisions. It is like standing in the forest and not knowing which way to take and where it would lead. Sometimes certain decisions need to be taken which may not be liked by either of the party or maybe both.

Turing down a marriage proposal is one such decision. If one of the party is not at all interested, then it becomes a little easy to do so but again that needs to be done gracefully.

Valentines Day is one such example where this phenomenon can be seen in abundance.

Be sure of the logic why you would like to turn down the offer. Have your thoughts aligned and clear about this because this is something that would help you to explicit your feelings of not accepting the offer. Also, the other person should clearly understand what’s wrong with what he has proposed.

Do not turn down the offer in a harsh manner or using abusive language, especially when the other person is genuine. Let the communication flow be proper and through a well defined channel. It should be done in such a manner that the other person does not feel being cheated or let down and as a result becomes aggressive. There have been cases where people have become aggressive and resorted to crimes when turned down in love.

Be honest and firm. Don’t lie, so you are sparing his feelings. You have just now made him feel less than human and you took away his power. There is something in you that he loves and admires. Tell him/her the truth.

Compassion and honesty can help you turn down a marriage proposal