How to Uninstall Applications in Mac?

If you are coming from a Windows, you probably know how to remove and uninstall a program by going to the Control Panel and click the Remove or Uninstall button. Now you have a shiny new Mac, you figured out that a ‘Control Panel’ is not existing in Mac. This guide will help you on how to remove or uninstall an application from your Mac.

Removing an application is easy as an A, B, and C. In Windows, you have to click several folders in order to remove a program. In Mac, you will only have to drag an application to the Trash. Simple huh? But there is a catch, you can’t just drag the icon of an application from your Application folder! in to the Trash! You will have to locate the ‘root’ of the application you wish to remove completely.

1. Click the Finder 

 application in your dock.

2. Type the name of the application in the search box at the top-right of the window. It will show you the folder which the application you wish to remove belong to.

3. Drag the folder into the Trash  , and *poof* It is gone!

As I promised, uninstalling an application is as easy as ABC. Just follow this tip: Locate, Click, and Drag it to the Trash.