How to upgrade graphics card drivers

Step 1

Identify your card, you can usually do so by right clicking on your desktop and selecting properties then advanced.
Alternatively one may go to Device Manager via Start – Run – “devmgmt.msc”
Once there, click the + next to Display adapters.  The items located here will be your Graphics card and its model.

Note: If you have an integrated card this means that the your computer is using part of its memory to serve for graphics processing. If this is the case you do not actually have a videocard and therefore the drivers cannot be updated.  However you may want to find your computer’s model and visit your computer manufactorer’s website, enter the number and search for updates for your model.  Often you will find intergrated driver updates as well as updates for your bios and sound drivers. 

Step 2

Device Manager

Now that you have the name, your best bet is to go to the company site because 3rd party sites could be viruses.   Your card is most likely an ATI or NVidia.  (links below)

Step 3

On the main page of your video card’s site, scan for Downloads and/or Drivers or use the resources provided below.

Step 4

ATI’s driver page

Now you will be asked to identify your card. Select your Operating System, card series (fancy name they put on the card such as Radeon,Geforce etc) and finally the number, then browse the results for the latest date and download.

Save the file somewhere easy to find and install.


NVIDIA Driver Download link
ATI      Drivers Download link