How to Use a Food Storage Calculator

A food storage calculator is a tool used to determine the amount of food and ingredients you will need to store in order to have sufficient food for a specific number of people for a certain amount of time.  Some people may ask why you would want to calculate long term food storage and store food?  The answer lies in the instability of job markets, economies and nations.  Anyone who has ever been out of work and without income for an extended period of time would appreciate the value of stored food.

What you need to calculate your food storage manually

You will need to determine the number of people you will be storing food for, on average an adult will consume about 2400 calories a day, most calculators will consider this automatically or will allow you to calculate by the meal.  To translate this information into quantities you should begin to develop a list of recipes, or meals that you can cycle through once a month or so.  Once you have collected these recipies, list all of the ingredients and their quantities.

Once you have the quantites for each food item, you can multiply those amounts to arrive at your yearly requirements.  The benefit of using calculators is that many of these calcualtions can be performed automatically.

What you need to calculate your food storage with a calculator

With a calculator you really only need the number of people and the list of items you need.  The calculator will attempt to determine how long each bulk item will last for the specified number of people.  The calculator would make assumptions that a family of four would use a certain number of ounces of flour a week and extrapolate that information into yearly requirements. The calculator will do this for each food item you require, based upon the type of food item it is. This review will provide further information and an example on using a food storage calculator

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