How to use bluffing in poker

Bluffing is an important part of playing card games such as poker. It is a skill that you should work on in order to become a great player.

In card games such as poker, luck plays a much smaller part in winning then skill does. A poker player’s skill is what gives him/her an edge and helps them take down pots and in the end be a winning player. Bluffing is a hard skill to master and yet is the most crucial skill a card player needs to possess.

A good reason to bluff in poker is to show the other players that you are representing a strong hand even if you are not. This can be done pre-flop to represent pocket pairs, or it can be done on the flop, turn , or river. The trick is knowing the other players and also learning to place bets based on value, pot odds, and representation.

A perfect example is a slow hand where there is a lot of checking. Say you have a weak hand but on the turn an Ace comes up and you are last to act. If everyone checks or someone does a weak bet you can overbet with a big bet to represent that you have made a pair of Aces.

You can also use bluffing to prevent people from ‘catching’ on the turns and river. If you see a flush draw on the turn and no one bets you can make a ‘value’ bet which will represent a flush to the other players, but it also allows you to see if someone else may be holding the flush. If another player calls or raises your bluff you’ll want to check the river and at that time make your decision if you can take down the pot. However a large bet on your opponents part may indicate they have a higher hand.

The trick to bluffing is knowing when you are in fact beat. Just as one can use aggressive betting to represent what they don’t have, another can use slow playing to hold a monster hand and let the bluffers and card chasers bet into them. Bluffing is one of the best skills you can master, but in order to master it one must know when to use it and when to lay down a hand.

If you rely on luck you will not be a winning player and yet if you rely on bluffing too much you will lose in the long run. Keep in mind that bluffing skills can be tailored to fit a wide array of card games and different skill levels of players. Also note that many novice poker players will call bluffs without realizing your card representation or odds and win that hand because of their inexperience. These people too will lose in the long run if they do not improve their skills.

Used right bluffing will give you an edge and will make you harder to read.