How to Weigh the Benefits of Quitting Bad Habits

Do your habits affect others in your life? One way to determine if ending bad habits could change your life is to figure out how they affect others. Do people who care about you complain about your bad habits? Do others tell you you’ve changed because of your bad habits? Take for instance smoking…if you smoke, chances are this bad habit is affecting others who love you by putting them around your constant second hand smoke, taking time away from loved ones so that you can have a smoke, and making you sick so that others worry constantly about your health.  Some bad habits actually upset those that love you and can cause arguments. If you have a bad habit that is affecting others around you, you may want to consider putting a stop to this bad habit. Weighing the benefit of quitting a bad habit can really come down to how others who love you view the bad habit.

Are you embarrassed, feeling sick, or keeping your bad habit a secret? If your bad habit is enough that you are feeling physically or mentally unhealthy because of it, you may want to consider quitting the habit. Some people chew their fingernails which can cause embarrassment and germs or bacteria to enter your nail beds. This bad habit is both unhealthy mentally and physically. Drinking too much is another bad habit that can affect you mentally and physically. Consider how your bad habit makes you feel. If you find that you are trying to hide it or are getting sick from it, you need to weigh the benefits of quitting that bad habit. Just think of how much happier your life can be if you quit a bad habit that makes you sick or embarrassed. Many bad habits make us insecure around others because we know they are bad, either because they are not healthy for us, or because we don’t want others to find out about the habit.

How does your bad habit affect your life? Does your habit cause you to use up a lot of time in the day, such as smoking? Are you finding yourself taking time off of work or other responsibilities because of your bad habit? Habits such as drinking a lot can wreak havoc in your life by making you miss work, feel sick the next day keeping you from family and friends, or make you want to go only places you can have a drink. This greatly affects your life whether you realize it or not. Bad habits can take us over and make us a person we don’t really want to be. When I was a smoker, I found myself outside a lot to smoke, not wanting to go places I couldn’t smoke, and taking time off of work because I was getting sick a lot. My bad habit of smoking really affected my life and I had to weigh the benefit of quitting this habit. Think about your bad habit and if it affects your life enough that you should consider quitting it.

Does your bad habit isolate you? Are you finding that others don’t always want to be around you because of a bad habit? If you drink a lot and act in ways that upset others, more than likely, they don’t want to be in your company. This is true with smoking also. Some people don’t want to be around those that smoke. This can isolate you and keep you from living a healthy social life. Think about some bad habits that you have. Do those habits cause others to stay away from you at times? How important is doing that bad habit? Is it so much so that you’d rather isolate yourself than quit a bad habit and have others want to be around you? It’s ultimately your choice on how bad you think a habit is. But, if it’s making others not want to be in your company, you might want to weigh the benefit of quitting this bad habit. After all, we are social people and need to have others in our live. No one wants to be alone all the time. Quitting bad habits can keep you from being isolated from others.