How to Witness A UFO

Ok before I start, this object I’ve seen since oct of 2008 and into jan 2009.At first they didn’t come out as much.Then as the nights went on they kept coming and coming.Let me start by proving just how irrelevant some humans can be esp police officers.Ok last night my mom saw a bright light hovering really low to the ground. It was blinking really bright sort of illuminating.well I went out there to where it was at i saw it above some tree’s.well I tried to call my friends and tell them but my call kept failing. I couldn’t get through to anyone and get this I had a full signal..6 bars not 0 but my call kept failing
well I eventually called 911 and as I was talking to the operator she connected me to the police dept. Well this thing whatever it was started going lower and lower behind the tree’s. then it was gone,well the cops show up at my location and the thing was gone so I had no proof and the female officer was asking do you take any medications ever do any drugs I was like omg I’m not crazy of course they would ask that.Well then something strange happened it shocked me and the cops.
there was about 5 male cops and one woman.well I’m glad this happened next otherwise they would’ve thought I was nuts. anyways A plane flew by us behind it was a dull rusty red object flying fast and all of a sudden the thing lit up super bright red and the cop asked the other officer give me those binoculars I wanna see this thing…. the lady that didn’t believe me was like well whatever it is, It’s leaving now.
I mean who can explain that A Super bright red object with two little white lights flying, wasn’t a plane, wasn’t a jet.
The red light was one the base of the object and I’ve seen this thing up close, It’s triangular shaped and makes no noise at all. I even got up close to it once,took some pix and the thing flew off it was super bright white light then it shut the light off and left. So yeah once I get a video camera. I can prove to everyone this stuff is real and it’s out there. You’ve got to be really ego-centric to think we’re the only living thing in the universe.

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Also if you see a ufo. get close but not to close
never know where they might come from
or what they are
or what they are capable of.