How to Write a Successful Article

We see a number of articles being published daily on newspapers, magazines, journals and websites. Article is the other name of formal essay. It is relatively impersonal. Here the author writes as an authority, or at least as highly knowledgeable, and expounds the subject in an orderly way (Abrams 82). Article writing does not follow any set rule. Here the writer has the liberty to present the subject matter in his or her own way. But a beginner of article writing should keep in his mind some basics of article writing.

Now let us present some useful tips for the beginners in this art of writing:

1.      An article cannot be complete without a headline or a title. You should give an effective and interesting title to your article. An effective title always leads the reader to go deep into the content of the article. Otherwise, the reader will not be attracted to go through the article.

2.      An article consists of a number of paragraphs each of which deals with a particular point of the main theme or topic. The writer should carefully arrange these paragraphs so that the article never becomes desultory. In other words, he should maintain the unity of purpose in his article.

3.      Now the writer should determine the important points upon which the article is to be written. He should also try to begin each paragraph of his article with a key sentence which expresses the theme of the paragraph.

4.      The theme of the article is very important. The writer should deal with the theme in detail by giving explanations, anecdotes, striking illustrations and sometimes commenting upon it. But he should never digress from his theme.

5.      The writer should think deeply over the subject matter and try to form a clear idea about the meaning and scope of his article. He should also gather information from different sources to enrich his article.

6.      A writer should not plagiarize while gathering information for his article. Plagiarism is stealing and using of others’ writings, ideas, thoughts and inventions. To write an article a writer should mainly depend upon his own ideas. If he borrows ideas or sentences from others’ works, he should give citation or mention the sources in the Bibliography at the end of his article.

7.      The sentences in an article should be arranged in a logical order so that they show the relationship of one sentence with another. An article should never be a collection of loose and disjointed sentences.

8.      There should be variety in article writing in order to avert the feeling of monotony. Here variety means different kinds of sentences in a paragraph and paragraphs of different lengths in an article. If the sentences and paragraphs in an article are of the same nature, the reader feels monotonous to go through it.

9.      An article should be written in a clear and simple style and in plain and easy language. The writer should avoid repetition of the same idea or concept. A good article always holds up the felicity of the writer’s expression and his spontaneity. As a beginner one should always try to maintain lucidity, conciseness and accuracy of his article.

10.   Finally, an article writer must be very cautious about the correct usage of his grammar, vocabulary and punctuation. He should not commit any spelling mistake in his article.