How To Write Online and Get Paid without Paying

If you’ve ever dreamed of making an excellent income from “writing online” it is now time to make that dream a reality. There are many legit websites that will allow you to “write articles for money” or “blog to be paid” you can even sell your writings for flat fees and take jobs writing for others. You never have to be a pro at writing; in fact all you need to have is a basic knowledge of any subject you choose to write on unless you’re a “Blogger” who can basically write about anything of choice.

The first thing you need to know before getting started is “how to write excellent keyword rich blogs or articles” because it’s great for SEO.  The better your writing is in quality as well as SEO the more traffic you will bring in on a daily basis which is wonderful if you’re planning to use your writings for “Online blogging” with the “Google adsense” program. Signing up for an Adsense account with Google is recommended if the website you choose to write on displays Google ads and has a program where you earn from the ads or a fifty percent split profit between you and the website. You can use the “Google adwords keyword tool “to do research on your keyword topic to find out the estimated “CPC” so that you’ll have a good idea of your estimated profit per click from traffic to your Blogs or websites, generally Google will display only the ads relevant to the subject you have written about.

Many “Blog Websites” like Blogger and Hub pages will offer the Google adsense profit share program along with others such as” Amazon and eBay affiliate programs “where users have more than one way to earn from their writings. Other websites like “Elance” will allow you to search for jobs writing content for people who will pay you for your services either hourly or flat rate, on Elance you can write in basically any category and you are seen as the provider in the clients eyes free to openly discuss with the client what they are looking for and what you can offer at a price suitable for the both of you then accept the job or refuse the job. Smaller sites like “textbroker” offer the same services as the larger but you are typically paid between a few dollars to seventy dollars for single pages of two hundred to seven hundred words after you have written and your writings have been approved by the customer.

So you see in closing “online writing jobs” are possible without coming out of pocket for tutorials or eBooks unless of course you choose to do those things to gain more experience on the subject of writing. Writing on many websites will take dedication, you may not see the profit you want at first but rest assured that you will see a profit.