How we Can Help Our Children Lose Wieght.

Us a parents are partly responsible for our childrens wieght gain as well as our own.With moms working now more than ever it hard to go home after a long day and cook and grabbing a big mac or pizza seems to be so much easier.But heres where I dis agree it does not seem to matter what a child eats because most kids can burn it off and this is where we must come in.Parents I strongly urge you to remember your parents maybe even your grandparents they were wise,fit and had a full long life and why,because they did things they enjoyed life.People lived longer back then and for good reason he got off their butts and moved around.Wiether we exercise our not still does not mean we shouldnt un plug the xbox and psp and get our kids outside take the batteries out of the remote and most of them are to lazy to get up and change the channel and thats sad.We must get our children moving get their imagination flowing and get them back in shape.Not only will they lose wieght but their additudes towards you will change greatly they have such a sense of calmness when they are unplugged,its wonderful.I urge you all to try this just for a couple weeks and see the change for yourself.I take my daughter and my dogs for a 30 to 45 minute walk every night with me,at first she didnt want to but no she tells me,mom its almost time to go for a walk hurry up.Its a great time to talk and refresh ourself.Good luck with this is you are going to try,it will be hard at first but well worth the pay off.