I Miss Her

     I miss her. How she talks and acts when she was with you. The look of her eyes when everything around her seems so perfect. The aura she has when she pass by down the hall and people starts to look at her at awe. I miss the girl i knew who was long before a fighter yet with an endearing and forgiving heart. I miss the girl that is full of wit and comes out spontaneously. The girl that crack jokes in the right time and seems to spice up the mood. The girl that every guy could ever dream of. The girl in which all aspects of her seems like a goddess. The perfect girl that I could ever imagine.

     She was with him for 29 months. Making memories and sharing thoughts together. He was her world and she was his world. No one can ever separate them not even their parents. Plans were built for their future, their family. Everything was all set except for one thing, getting married.

     PERFECT is the only word that can ever describe their relationship. Till an incident happend. He was diagnosed with cancer. Amazingly, she didn’t get this in their way. They hurriedly get married and bore  a child. Few months were left for him to live and yet they lived the day as if tomorrow won’t come.

     How time flies fast, pages of the calendars drift by. 2 months. 3 months. Then 6 months. Right after their third anniversary, he took his last breath just beside her and his kid. Right then and there, her world fell apart. Life became miserable for her. She got wasted and had her kid raised by her parents. She became nothing out of being everything.

     From everything that had happened and how she came out to be, I just miss her. I miss my mother very much.