Important Things to Know About Jogging

Ever wondered which kind sport is the easiest one to start, the most affordable and probably the best to burn calories and keep your muscles and heart in shape? Jogging is so brilliantly simple that it makes it a universal aerobic activity for professional sportsmen and healthy life enthusiasts all over the world. Let us have a look at a brief history of jogging, discuss some main principles of technique, and see what’s important when choosing the right jogging wear.

A Bit of History

Even though officially running dates back to the ancient times when it was one of a very few Olympic disciplines and despite the fact that this is probably the second activity any human being learns after being able to walk – jogging as we know it became popular relatively not so long ago. Its modern history started with the first jugging run which took place in 1961 in Auckland, New Zealand and was inspired by a lecture of Arthur Lydiard a well-known athlete who is considered to be an official founder of jogging. Since then this activity has spread to all continents (and yes, islands too). So why not to join? Before, let’s talk about some basics.

Principles of Jogging Technique

The simplicity of jogging doesn’t mean there’s no technique behind it. If performed without cautiousness – it might lead to an injury or serious health conditions. That is why let’s have a look at what’s important to pay attention to:

  • The foot has to touch the ground by a heel and slowly roll over to the whole foot area in order to protect the shank muscles from overloading. Other techniques recommend the opposite way – starting the step with toes and rolling over to the heel. If performed correctly – both techniques are equally good. The main thing to keep in mind – steps have to be soft in order to protect joints and spine. Good amortization – is the correct word to describe this main principal.
  • During the repulsion phase – the leg has to be straightened in a knee and the foot push has to be as strong as possible.
  • The whole body has to be straight with a slight forward slope.
  • Hands should be bended in elbows by 90 degrees and move back and forth .
  • The breathing should be calm. The main indicator of a correct breathing is the ability to talk while jogging without difficulties.
  • Duration: For beginners – 20 minutes of run 3-5 times a week should be enough to see the positive effect of the training. Gradually – the time can be increased to 60-90 minutes.
  • The Heart Rate during the run should not exceed 180 beats per minute. A nice indicator whether the heart rate is correct – is the ability to breathe through the nose. Also, for people over 30 years old it is possible to calculate the recommended heart rate by using the formula: “180 – age”.
  • Do not eat 2 hours before the run.


Jogging equipment set includes all kinds of gadgets you might want to use: heart monitors, GPS receivers, step counters, MP3 players and many more. However – as long as you have shoes and clothing – you’re set to go.

Shoes – as mentioned in previous section, amortization is very important in jogging, that is why your running shoes have to follow the rule as well and thus to be soft.

Clothing – if jogging outdoors it is important not to over cool the muscles that is why chose the clothing according to the weather conditions. Also, it has to be comfortable and breathing.

Now, let’s go and practice! One of the most enjoyable things is the feeling that you’re setting an example of a healthy life style to all people you meet during your run. Once you start jogging in your neighborhood you’ll notice more and more people in the park inspired by you. Sounds like a nice way of giving back to your local community!