Increase Your Familiarity To Epoxy Paints

Have you ever thought while walking on industrial floors, garages and basement floors that what covers them? It’s basically the epoxy floor coating which gives them durability. Epoxy is formed by the mixture of a resin and another component. Resin is a light, odor free colorless substance where as the other component is dark shaded with a pungent smell. Both the reactants chemically react together to form a perfect mix resulting in a durable plastic coating material.

How to explain what epoxy is?

Chemical reaction between the two reactants results in the solidification of the liquid polymer to form an epoxy. This material resulting from liquid polymers is a strong material which is resistant to decay and possesses adhesion properties. Epoxy is a bad conductor so use of epoxy coatings helps us to prevent from electric shocks.

Does epoxy floor coating have some advantages?

The biggest advantage of Epoxy paint is that you can get a mixture of desired strength by varying the amount of reactants. Hardness of the mixture depends on the amount of resin you take. Changing the proportion of dark and light material would of course affect the color of the mix so you can also vary colors according to your will. And most of all it’s a durable coating with a decorative look.

Is it tough to use?

Well, the answer is no! Epoxy is easy to handle because it is resistant against oils, solvents, grease, salts and other daily use chemicals.  If you are using epoxy for low used area then its right to use a premixed proxy paint but if you want to apply it on for some rush area then it is good to mix the component to get the desired strength and stir the mixture with drill.

Is it safe to use epoxy?

Don’t worry epoxy is now a day’s commonly used because it has no harmful effects. The reactants form a mixture which is safe to use.

Effect of technology on epoxy paints:

Of course you have to pay a bit more for good quality products. Same is the case with epoxy paints. Certain stores are offering the epoxy products that are cheap. Sometimes you would realize that the epoxy paint you applied in garage is not even able to bear the heat of tires; this is due to your priority to cheap materials. It’s better to spend money once and buy a quality product instead of facing problems every next day. The online traders mostly offer high quality epoxy paints which you must try to prefer.

If you take help of professional installers they would prefer layered sand structures to give high durability to regions where there is high pedestrian traffic.