Information Impressions

I read The Economist for its fine writing.  I go right for Kal’s cartoon, the best political one in my opinion followed by the RIP, on the back editorial page, always well done.  The pure financial articles are beyond me.  I do enjoy scanning and choosing a few overviews on various countries and sometimes, their lenghthy themes in the middle are quite informative. Their book reviews are not to be trusted but I’ve hit on a few good books in recent years.

Time Magazine used to have a lot of this quality.  I avoid The New Yorker.  I alway had a repugnance to trivia a la 

The Nation is a constant.  The book and movie articles are first rate although sometimes they are overly analytical.

I cannot read Dissent anymore – too dense.  Their Book Reviews can expose rare gems.

Data is overwhelming.  One must filter the chaff from the grain.  We suffer today from acute unending information overload.  The Energy involved in this process of discernment is enormous akin to avoiding one’s enemies, holding huge farts in public, or as the best example, holding the door for the little old lady today it irritated.

These are my main sources of information, save the local papers, CNN etc.