Instant Money Making Tips; Screw The Man!

Instant Money Making For Real!

Are you sick and tired of all these articles claiming to make you instant money. Well the truth is, nothing comes handed to you. Everything takes time to build and grow. You must remember to not rely on any one means of income alone.

Residual income is what you want to reach. The ability to receive a check every month and not worry about which bill to pay or how you will manage little tommy’s dental care. Everyone now a days seems to be living paycheck to paycheck and working mondane jobs just to put food on the table. Lets build you a career! This all starts which these first steps….

Lets look at these examples for making money:

Article writing

Advertising networks:

CPC(Cost Per Click), CPM(Cost Per Impressions(Views))

***CPM only works with large amounts of traffic

Referral Programs – Affliate Programs

PPV ( Paid Per View)

Making tons of money is nice but you need to walk before you can run. Everything boils down to traffic. If you can create, content rich sites and market them properly, then you can generate excess amounts of traffic. You want to intice the readers who search google and other search engines. You do this by having great titles. Using unique creative titles, you grab and wheel-in the reader. Humans have a short attention span and in this day and age, they want instant answers to their queries. So give the audience exactly what they want.

You need sites and you need hosting. You can get both of them for cheap. I am currently paying $20 a month for 5 different hosts. These hosts allow me to have 1000 domains on them. Check out godaddy and other web registras for coupons. A week ago godaddy had $0.99 cent domains. So for the cost of two normal domains, you could of bought 20. Buy low, sell high.

Let me say it straight; You can not make a total living from google adsense alone. I do not care how many ebooks there are on the subject. It is like a singer making it big time. She might be one in a million, meaning you probably will not reach that point. So why think that because some big bloggers make tons of money from adsense, you will too. I am not saying adsense is not great, because it is great. At the same time, you can not rely on it alone. Expand and spread your wealth throughout many different venues. If you had 100 sites making 1 dollar a day each, you’ll be making a cool 700 a week. This is at bare minimum. I would recommended to always keep building sites. I will be a point soon where I will have 500 sites. Each making 1 dollar a day minimum. So you see, many small things can add up to one huge pile of money.

You might ask, how do I advertise? Well you need to generate backlinks. You can do this by commenting on other peoples blogs. Joining forums and discussing topics related to your subject. Join every social network there is and get as many people as you can. Intice the reader, always remember this, be creative. Usually when you sign up for a hosting company, like justhost, you will get free advertising credits. These credits will be for adsense, yahoo and microsoft. Use them to build some traffic. You can’t make money without spending something. You do not need to invest a ton, but enough to get off the ground.

People always talk about mini or micro niche sites. Avoid creating these. Google hates them and will deindex all of them. Create sites with great content related to your subject and update it regularly. You do not need to sit at a computer 24/7 but I would recommended for the first month, once a day updates. Think about it, 500-1000 words a day, for a lifetime of money.

Article writing like bukisa and associated content are great if you have high traffic websites. If not, you will be making peanuts. I would recommended these for people who are already established in the “web world.”

Look into setting up adsense and adbrite accounts. Also google for paid per impressions or paid per click publishing networks. Remember do not make your sites all ads, but be smart and spread them out like bukisa does.

Affliate programs are okay, but require your readers to actually do something, other than reading. They will have to sign up for an item or service in order for you to make money. This can drive huge amounts of money, however it requires readers interested in the offer in the first place.

Paid per view is great for people who like to watch videos or learn new things. Once again this is catered towards certain people and not all. These few tips are only some. This is to just start you off. Keep researching and learning, then attempt and practice. You will fail and feel like quiting because everyone goes through this. Do not give up as financial freedom is yours if you truly want it.

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