Interpret Your Dreams

Interpreting dreams provide a deep insight about you and your future and it follows different school of thoughts in each part of the world.

Dreams usually occur at sleep. There are two types of sleep.

  • Non rapid eye movement sleep NREM
  • Rapid eye movement sleep REM

Dreams come in rapid eye movement sleep and we usually forget them when we rise from the bed. But rarely some dreams repeats again and again and we even can remember them when well awake. If you want to interpret your dream write it down completely, as soon as you get up from the bed.

Egyptians and Romans have written many scripts on dream interpretation. Indians have their own way of interpreting a dream. The most common dream of attaining one’s most longed wish has been experienced by many. Though we may not ensure success, it is a good sign of progress.

Dream flowers

 Saw a lotus in dream? Then there will be a new member in your family. Long been lotus is a symbol of fertility and happiness. If you see rose gardens you are going to fall in love. With pink roses you will succeed in love. A water lily shows that you are going to meet an important person of your life. With sun flower you life is going to take a new leaf. Tulips and lavenders always denote happiness. Marigolds and daffodils invoke a fresh bright day in your life.

Nature as you see

Sky, mountains, forest, show you are taking an adventure. If you dream on walking in the sky it denotes instability. Clouds and birds sign a clear and sound mind.


  There seems to exist a mystique connection between humans and serpents. Many people dream about serpents. Persuaded by a serpent means problems are coming and if it bites, problems are over. Playing with serpents? Beware of cunning women around you.


An elephant symbolizes great honour and triumph. If you see a camel, you are crossing the hardest part of your life. Dogs tell you that you are longing for something. Cats smell something fishy. With fox or jackal you can sense a problem.


If you dream of loosing your clothes or being naked, huge dishonour awaits you. Angels always come with good news. Sun, stars, lightening denote chivalry. If you see numbers, beware of a financial loss. Death denotes something good and weddings the opposite. Deserted buildings invokes you the fear of being alone. Seeing your loved ones is always a happy moment.

Some good and bad signs

Festivals, people, fishes, temples, mountains, umbrella, trees, flowers, mirror, conch, sea, musical instruments, lamps, water falls, keys, chairs, plants, clock all are positive signs.

Knife, weapons, snake, rats, cats, crabs, tiger, yak, donkeys, turtle, scorpion, oil, empty vessels, are some negative signs

Finally what ever your dream may be, if it is manipulated means it bears no message. Be positive and be happy