Investing in Brazil

Brazil is a large country with over 190 millions people. It is a potential place for investing. This country has success to develop the hybrid car that uses hybrid fuel ethanol and oil. With they hybrid car, Brazil does not need much fuel. They can save their budget to other purpose.

Brazil produce 42% of ethanol world and around half or 50% of production is exported. They are able to produce abundant ethanol because they have much sugar cane field. Due to its ethanol, Brazil got a new nick name as “Saudi of ethanol”.

They also produce sweet sugar from sugar cane. We may use it everyday for coffee, tea or cookies. People need sugar and it

Someday the oil depletes and we should use other alternative as car fuel. One day all car will use ethanol and Brazil will sell more ethanol and Brazil will become a new rich country like Saudi.

Petrobas, a famous Brazil Oil company, has found some oil resources under beneath Atlantic sea, Brazil. This country will not suffer lack of energy. I think Brazil will be a rich country too.

We can invest our money in Brazil. There is capital market which is named BM&F Bovespa. You can trade the stock or commodity at there.