Is it Facebook's Fault?

Facebook is the best social site and it is not the reason for individual faults. People simply forget about their faults and blame fb for their mistakes.

Recently i read an article stated that face book is the reason for lot of divorces in Brittan. But, i think it is wrong, face book is a social site, we can make a lot of friends using that site. But making relationship with our friend is our own wish, face book never force us to do it. So i think face book is not the reason for the divorces. It is happened to the immaturity of the face book users. We don’t blame a social site for this reason.

I don’t think face book is the reason for any divorce or criminal activities. In fact it is a great site for contacting friends and getting new friends. But the person who are using the site misusing it and give bad name and negative impacts to the site. Face book is a free to join site and anyone have the ability to join with it. even we can create fake accounts with face book.

Some persons using the disadvantages of face book as their advantage and doing a lot of unwanted things using the site to create bad impact about the site. Recently i read that lot of people blaming facebook for increasing divorce in US. But it is not the real thing, the person who are using facebook come to know about others easily and have a good friendship with them. After making a good bond and understanding, they fall in love and planned to divorce their ex partner. The decision is all from the individual person not from the site.

The site only help us to come to  know about new people, but it don’t force anyone to make love with that site, so face book is not the reason for this kind of activities. Also some person is doing criminal acts like killing, robbing using face book friends. People must avoid this kind of activities to give good name to that site.

Some good things are also going on this site, lot of people got their missed relations, friends and beloved persons back with the help of face book