Is it Possible to Make a Living With a Blog And Twitter ?

I’m sure you have heard that the main ingredient for success with a blog is to write about something you are passionate about. This is true, but I find it very difficult to always write about one thing. If you go too general with your blog however, no one will ever find you. So an approach I have taken, which seems to work, is to have many irons in the fire.  I have a blog for every hobby or passion I have. So a blog on gardening, a blog on geneaology, a blog on travel.  This way the content is very focused and the key words that I use when writing help my blogs get ranked very high in Google.

So depending on the seasons, and my current situation I can write an article about that specific area of interest. As I come across something of interest in my geneaology research I can post something that day. If I just come back from a trip to Mexico I can log onto my Travel blog and write a Travel Log based on that experience. So I build up content without really even thinking about it.

The best place I have found for creating Free Blogs is Google’s Blogger…. they will let you create as many blogs as you like and also let you monetize those blogs using their easy Adsense embedder. Adsense will automatically post Ads that are related to the content of your blog, and you get paid a percentage of the dollars advertisers pay Google for specific Adwords. In addition to you blog you can also write for a site like Bukisa, where they share the revenue of Ads with you as well. So from Adsense and Blogger alone you can be earning about $100/month.

Now, with your blog you can also sell advertising spots through sites like Intellilinks and Text-Link-Ads  where you submit your blog for their review and they find advertisers who would like to buy a text-link on your blog. You can easliy earn and additional $100/month through Intellilinks.

So if you have 5 or 6 blogs this quickly adds up. $200 X 5 blogs = $1,000 per month.

I created a Twitter Account as a way to post links to my blog articles and bring in extra traffic. The more traffic the more likely people will visit your sponsored Ads, like Intellilinks. The more Traffic you have, the higher your Google Page Rank, and the higher your Adsense revenue.  With Twitter I discovered something called RevTwts that pays you 10-20 cents for poasting Tweet Ads to your Twitter account. This means you can earn as much as 20 cents for every reader of your Tweet Ad. If you have thousands of followers this can add up quickly and before you know it you are earning $1000/ month. So we are now up to $2,000 per month.

Another way you can promote your blog and Twitter Feed is through Facebook Groups, but you may want to make some adjustment to who can read your wall posts. I know that Family and friends would get annoyed if all they see are links to your Blog articles. Another eay to promote your Blog articles is through joining related Facebook Groups. For example a Facebook Gardening Group may welcome your blog posts related to gardening tips and ideas.

I’ll add more ideas to this article as I try out different things on my own blog.