Is Your Partner Cheating? Top 7 Signs

Do you suspect your partner of cheating on you?

If you do you need to know what to look out for. Usually there is no smoke without fire. So if something is telling you that there is a problem, then quite often that feeling is right.

You do need to remember though sometimes you can be wrong, and your partner is completely innocent, you need to look further into the relationship to make sure that there is a problem and that it is really happening.

There are times when there is no cheating going on, even if you have your suspicions, you could be wrong, its not an easy position to be in, so you need to be sure.

These 7 signs can lead you in one direction or another, but you can not base a decision on just one, or a few of them, you need to follow your instincts, and look a little closer.

1. Cell phone conversations does your partner leave the room every time his cell phone rings? This is certainly suspicious, and you have to wonder why he is doing this. If they are acting strangely, while on their cell phone, you need to pay close attention.

2. Often when someone is having an affair, they take more pride in their appearance. If your partner never usually goes to the trouble of making an effort for you, but then goes out looking better than they usually do, this could mean that they are making an effort for someone else.

3. Are you having more arguments, with your partner, that they seem to start? This can be a sign of cheating in a relationship, particularly if, they are starting a argument for no reason, and then using this as an excuse to storm out., without having to come up with an excuse.

4. Is your partner starting to tell you lies? Even the smallest lies shows your partners willingness to lie in general which could mean he is hiding something, particularly if they do not normally lie.

5. Is your partner spending more time on the computer, especially when you are doing other things, or are in bed. If he never used to do this, you need to keep a close eye on, him, because this could be a sign that he is cheating on you.

6. Are your friends acting different around you, it could be that they know something and feel uncomfortable around you.

7. A common sign of a cheating partner, is if they start to accuse you of cheating, they do this because they feel guilty, you need to remember that even though these are signs of a partner cheating, it does not mean that they defiantly are, you need to get real evidence, to be really sure.