Italian language schools: 6 tips to choose right one

Do you like Italy but you don’t know the language? Are you going to move to Italy and change your lifestyle and live in a different way? First of all, you should learn local language.
If you are looking for an Italian language course in Rome (or in any other part of Italy) you should get some important information to choose the right one among all the Italian language schools you can find.
Here there is a short list with 6 useful tips and suggestions that will help you to select the best Italian language schools and to choose the best one for your needs and your aims.

1)Certification and qualified teachers
One of the most important aspects to consider to choose the right Italian language school is the staff and the teachers of the school.
You should get some important information about the teachers: how are they qualified? Which qualification do they have?
When you decide to enroll at a school and attend an Italian lessons course, the most important thing is to understand if teachers are qualified, experienced and motivated. So before enrolling and paying your course, check on the Internet (like forums and blogs) to see what the users think about the school you have chosen and also check on the school website to read this kind of information.
You should verify the school you are choosing has valid certifications, like DITALS (examination of the University for Foreigners of Siena) or it is recognized by The Italian Education Ministery.


2) How many languages do they teach in that school?
The second thing to consider is the the level of specialization of the school: does it offer many different languages courses or is it specialized in the Italian language?
The second option is the best one, because a school that focuses on a language can give much more. It can offer a more exact and efficient service and you can improve faster.
In general, schools providing less languages are mainly better then schools that offer a lot of them.

3) Does the school has a good reputation?
The third thing to see to select the best Italian language school is to check if it has a good reputation on the Internet: read the forums, check the blogs dedicated to education abroad and international classes, but most of all check if there are positive or negative contents. If there are too many negative messages it means that that school has not a great reputation and it is not a very good school.
Read on the website of the school what they do: if they organize special courses about the Italian culture (art, history, etc) as well, it is a good aspect, because studying local culture is a easier way to get in touch with the Italian language and to learn it fast.   

4) Where is the school?
Another thing you should consider is the location of the school. Is it in a periphery area or in the city center?
The location is very important, because if you have problems to get there you waste your time on the public transports or in your car.
So before choosing your school, check if it is near your home or your work and in general pose yourself the following questions: is there any bus stop, subway stop or train?

5) Lessons: how often they run a week?
Another thing you should consider is: how often are the lessons run? Once a week or three times a week? Obviously, the second option is the best, because the more you attend, the more you study and the more you learn!

6) Is the school cheap or expensive?
Another thing you will probably see is the price of lessons, but pay attention and not focus only on the prices! Sometime expensive schools are much better than the cheap schools at the end of the course, because you can save time and learn more.
A full immersion Italian language course is obviously more expensive than a normal course but in this way you can study much more and faster.
So before choosing, check the program and all the purposes you can get at the end of the lessons.