Jack Nicholson Movies – More Jack Nicholson Classics You Must See

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Randle P McMurphy chooses a spell in the nut house over jail time. So he fakes insanity. He soon finds that his free spirited nature nd glib tongue don’t fit in with the routine and order required in the nut house. But he won’t be held back.  His sense of disorder becomes contgious and war follows. The fate of every patient is at stake and McMurphy is pitted against Nurse Ratched, a cold monstrous villian!

The Shining

A married couple with a small son are take employment caretaking an isolated resort hotel in the Colorado mountains, despite warning by the Hotel Manger no to take it.  He warns them o a tragedy that happened during the winter of 1970’s.  As the sole occupants of the sprawling hotel they must battle the forces that inhabit the hotel. Based on a Stephen King novel.

Prizzi’s Honor

A mob comedy, that fires at family values with a hilarious outcome.  Nicholson plays the Prizzi family’s hired gun.  What he soon learns is that he and his wife share something in common, they are both cold blooded assissins.   Problem is, their next job is to kill each other. Now each must decide which contract to honor.  The one they made to each other or the one that sees them kill each other!

About Schmidt

Warren Schmidt (Nicholson) is about to taste a not so sweet slice of life. When he retired, he and his wife Helen had big plans, but an unexpected twist changed everything. Now, all of Schmidt’s attention is focused his daughter’s upcoming wedding to a loser waterbed salesman. From meeting hippie parents to sponsoring a Tanzanian foster child, Schmidt embarks on a search for answers…and discovers that life is full of trick questions.


Jack nicholson stars as a private eye who follows socialite faye dunaway into a hotbed of scandal corruption and murder in 1930s los angeles. Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 08/23/2005 Starring: Jack Nicholson John Huston Run time: 131 minutes Rating: R Director: Roman Polanski