James Shields Shuts Down The Boston Red Sox

Big Game James Shields pitched a complete game shutout, great Rays defense and timely hitting helped the Rays beat the Boston Red Sox 4-0 in game one of their series. The Rays cooled down the hottest team in baseball at the half full Tropicana Field as fans booed former teammate Carl Crawford. Most of the Tampa Bay area believes that Carl Crawford is a traitor for signing with the Boston Red Sox, an enemy in the American League East.

The Boston Red Sox are the hottest team in baseball. They stole the New York Yankees ideal on trying to buy World Series Championships with their heavy pocketbooks. The Red Sox picked up Carl Crawford and other great players through free-agency to make a run at another championship.

Some are unhappy that the first game of the Rays/Red Sox series was not sold out, but there are a few reasons for the lack of fans. The Tampa Bay area is still reeling from a horrible economy; people just don’t have money to buy tickets to the game. Many people have lost their houses due to foreclosures and have to decide to eat and pay their bills or waste their money on Major League Baseball. The Rays also raised the prices this year even though they told everybody they did not. The team lists games by silver, gold, platinum etc. The lesser games are cheaper and the gold and platinum games cost more. What the Rays did was raise some of the games and made them higher echelon games which mean a higher cost to fans, very sneaky. Also, who wants to pay twenty to thirty bucks for parking to the game? Another problem is the threats the Rays ownership has strewn through the media, we need more fans or we have to go. This is not a way to develop a following.

Justin Ruggiano began the scoring by hitting a home-run off of Tim Wakefield and the Rays scored three more well earned runs to complete the win. James Shields was lights-out; the Red Sox could not hit Shields who should earn a trip to the All-Star game in July. The Rays defense was incredible, including a great snag on a low throw by Longoria to Kotchman at first.  Kevin Youkilis showed his stripes by spiking the Rays first-baseman on purpose and complaining on an out call that was not even close. It is a shame when MLB baseball players whine when things don’t go their way all of the time. Rays manager Joe Maddon says watch out.

Game one is over and the Tampa Bay Rays were victorious. They outplayed the Boston Red Sox after a tough/long road trip where the Rays went 6-5 after beginning the trip 1-3 against the Seattle Mariners. The Boston Red Sox came into Tropicana Field expecting to score in double figures again and crush the Rays. Once again the Red Sox were surprised by good pitching and better defense.

Game two of the series is tonight at Tropicana Field at 7:10 PM. The Rays will throw Jeremy Hellickson against Josh Beckett from the Boston Red Sox. If the Rays win tonight, they will win the series. The Boston Red Sox will itching to get their first runs of the series, but will have to face another great Rays pitcher in Hellickson. See you at the game and go Rays.