Keep Up With Daily Obama Quotes

Never forget a day of President Obama’s presidency by reading a new blog that aims to feature an original quote from each and every day President Barack Obama is in office. President Obama Quotes is just getting off the ground and running. The site owner is keeping up with all the latest in current events and is featuring a quote from President Obama, along with a matching button, and usually a video in a new blog post every day. Word has it that there will be a commemorative book for sale at the end of each year of Obama’s term, featuring the quotes and posts from that entire year.

Take some time to go over to the site and have a look around. The site is still in the “building” phase, so while most days feature a button, reflection, and video, some day’s posts are not yet fully completed. Do not let this deter you, though, as posts for current events are being made in a timely fashion, as the owner catches up on the first month or so of Obama’s presidency. If you like what you see, you can subscribe to the RSS feed for the latest info.

The buttons featured on President Obama Quotes are for sale in their CafePress store, which you can easily get to through links on the site. Collecting buttons would be a great way to commemorate President Obama’s term. You could collect them all, or even just buttons from certain special days, like Inauguration day, your birthday, anniversary, or the date of your child’s birth. Whether you decide to collect buttons or just read the blog, make President Obama’s first term a special, reflective one.