Keong Racun Sinta Jojo

At about two months ago, the song also conch Poisons indeed been a scene in one of the largest Internet forum site in Indonesia, and the current furore about the genre dangdut song went back into a warm conversation.

Beginning from the fray songs such as conch Poisons own blog author Karo Cyber observations, started when the song was sung by lipsync by two beautiful women who call themselves as Jojo and Shinta. Action they are recorded in the form of video and uploaded to youtube site and existing video link diyoutube sent to some internet forum.

Because many people who feel tingling caused by Jojo and Shinta was quite funny in the video, making the song Daydream conch rose chimed into the conversation warm by users of internet forums.

Lapse of two months had passed, the song Poison conch back into a warm conversation, precisely on this day, Tuesday (27/07/2010) when in one television station emerged discussion of the conch Poison song exclusively for having been taken by one of the famous musician Charly personnel ST12 band.

Occurrences song Daydream conch in one television station RCTI or precisely in the event program razor certainly makes people’s attention to the song Poison conch increasingly prominent, and alahasil on the same day when the song appeared in the razor Poisons conch, conch Poisons are also made at the site mikroblogging twitter , and had become Trending topics.

Although only a lipsync singing, Jojo and Shinta okay to be proud, because of course the famous song Daydream conch caused both of them. For now probably worth Shinta and Jojo had called internet celebrity now far beat the original singer of Poison conch by Google search results named Lissa. Now, whether this phenomenon would be raised conch Poison song or just made a name Shinta and Jojo? Just wait!