Kerala-Gods Own Country


Kerala is a small state in India, often known as “God’s Own Country”. Let me start with the history.

The story goes like this “Parashuram” the 6th incarnation of Shri Mahavishnu was to save the land from the superior opprestion of ruling Kshatriyas. His main aim was to kill every men in the Kastriyas caste and hence he destroyed Kshatriyas 21 times and thus conquered the world. To free himself from load of sins he was advised to do penance at Gokarnam and was asked to grant the land he conqered to Brahmins. Pleased with his meditation ocean god “Varuna” blessed him. From Gokarnam he went to Kanyakumari and threw his axe northward across the ocean. The place where the axe landed was called Keala. He also brought 64 families of Brahmins from south. This lead to the creation of Kerala, because of which it is also known as Parasurama Keshetra i.e “The Land of Parasurama”.

The meaning of word Kerala is “Land of Coconut” and it is truly said. The charm of backwaters, evergreen forest, wildlife and beautiful temples. It is really like a heaven. The beaches and water boats are major attraction. The palm-lined beaches of Kerala are renowed for the gentle surf and azure blue waters. Nothing can be more refreshing than Ayurveda therapy admist the picturesque surroundings of beaches and the Ayurveda programe exactly gives you the same. “Guruvayoor” and “Sabrimala ” is one of the famous temples.

Life in kerala is everyday celebration. Each and every is celebrated with pomp and splendor. “Onam” is a very famous festivel here. During onam it is assumed that King Mahabali visits his subjects in kerala.This also a harvest season.

We cannot forget to mention the warnmess of the people there.