Kicking Techniques For Street Fighting /self Defense

Even these highly gifted martial artists in the movies would be delivering low short strong kicks to the lower body and legs if they needed to protect themselves from a street attack.


Well firstly no matter how quick you are it’s quicker to kick someone in the knee then the head because it’s just closer.
Secondly it’s easy for the opponent to see a kick to the head coming and cover with a guard.
Thirdly there is way less to go wrong.
Ever seen a Jackie Chan movie with all the out takes when it went wrong. Well on the street you do not get to retake the shot. Its do or die stuff literally! The more complicated the technique the more likely it is to fail under pressure. Sure it’s easy to practicing with your buddy’s but it is very different when the opposition intends to do you permanent damage.

Kicking techniques for the untrained that will stop a street attacker and set him up for a finish.

This technique will also allow a good clinch set up from a kick combination. With some practice this combination can be so successful as to stop the attacker dead in his tracks. Just remember not to put all your eggs into one basket. Although this is a great technique there are many variations possible on the street and you need to keep an open mind and be prepared to adapt to any possibility’s.

Now lets get to the point.

For the set up we assume the attacker is facing you either square on (this would suggest two things, he is either very confident or very stupid) or more likely some sort of side on position (observably making it harder to attack his groin). He may or may not have his guard up.

In fact this is a really good point to discuss before we go on. Loads of people practice there so called street fighting / self defense techniques from a full on fighting stance you know arms up covering head and body with elbows protecting ribs and of course this makes good sense. But in reality most fights do NOT start from this position. In fact many fights are over before you can even form this position. So yes do practice from the guard but also practice from a variety of different standing positions and in between stance positions. Most street scum will not wait for you to square up and form your defensive posture first. Yes I know they all do this in UFC etc but that is nothing like a street fight.

Any way this time I promise to get to the point

So as we said the attacker is facing you. You are in a forward stance. Strike to his knee with your foot use the foot that is closest to the attacker. With this foot drive through his knee. Please note I did not say snap yes this will hurt but not cause that first class pain that stops the attackers brain function for a second or two. And a second is all you need to finish the whole thing. If you can make his knee lock full back on it’s self you may stop him there and then. But we will not rely on this.As soon as the front leg has finished attacking the knee. Strike with your rear leg as hard as you can with your shin or knee. Aim for the center of the thigh (that’s mid way between the knee and the hip) there is in fact a major nerve here you should try to hit him so hard the your knee or shin cuts through the muscle to the bone causing very extreme pain. This can cause enough pain to prevent the attacker continuing or even walking if done hard enough. To develop power in you shin or knee strike practice on a heavy bag or shield.

Depending on your existing skills

But yet again we will not rely on this alone. Now depending on your existing skills you can either use grappling skills like (As promised he is now in an ideal position for a clinch) sweeping or throwing techniques. Alternativly you can finish with strong hand techniques.

Remember you are not fixed to this technique if you see another great opening take it. Or may be there is a chance to run if so then take it. No prizes for being the strong man on the street the only prize is if you are still alive any which way you can.