Kitty Meets Technology: Here's The Scoop on Automatic Cat Litter Boxes!

Technology is a wonderful thing indeed. Innovative gadgetry is not just for people, either. Our pets now have an array of techy inventions from which to choose in their own lineup of accessories. The automatic cat litter boxes are just one example that proves to be a people pleaser as well. I’ve not met anyone who enjoys cleaning the cat litter box. This chore ranks right next to cleaning my oven. While the automatic cat litter boxes are a bit more pricey than the standard manual tray, the extra bucks are well spent in automating this task. There are a variety of manufacturers and designs, but the system is essentially the same across brands. Here we take a look at what to expect when you upgrade your cat’s bathroom area.

The system consists of a tray receptacle, a cover, a sensor and an electrically operated rake (some also run on batteries) which goes to work some minutes after kitty has exited the box. The number of minutes elapsed before the raking begins is programmed into the device, ranging on average from 10-20 minutes later. The rake scoops the poop into another tray below. ‘Number 1’ deposits are also addressed automatically to prevent puddles! So the automatic cat litter box does it all. You are free of this smelly chore and the box stays clean, fresh and maintenance free for about a week. All you need to do is change the litter and you’re good to go for another week. It’s kind of odd to think that my kitty’s bathroom is more high tech than my oven, which doesn’t feature self-cleaning. Hmm.

Be aware that each brand of automatic cat litter box comes with a recommendation on a specific brand of cat litter which works best with the particular model. While the automatic cat litter boxes require less cat litter, check the pricing on the recommended brand, to avoid sticker shock when you replenish your supply. Most use the clumping or crystal types of litter. The recommended litter brand name is not as important as the type, so if you’re looking to save, you might try using a generic type of crystal or clumping litter. It should work just as well.

You’ll also need to replace the tray periodically. Here’s a tip on getting some extra life out of your tray – line the tray with a plastic trash bag before filling with cat litter. This trick can help reduce your tray costs.

Most cats like using the automatic cat litter boxes. The covered feature is usually a plus, as cats feel secure in little nest-like environments. As any cat owner can tell you, cats are a bit eccentric and some will turn up their nose at this new bathroom. You may find that a short transition period is required before your kitty embraces the new technology. All but the most stubborn of cats grow to love their new gadget. In a two cat household, you may even find them both trying to squeeze into the bathroom together! So the automatic cat litter boxes may provide unexpected laughter. It is a pretty funny sight to behold.

Now, if only I had a self cleaning oven!