Know Best Time to Visit Goa For Enjoying Your Holidays on Goa Tour

Sunny skies, blue seas, vindaloo and xacuti, siesta and fiesta, 365 days party mood… do you still need any other clues to guess what place we are talking about? You guessed right! Goa is the tiny emerald land on the West coast of India and draws holiday makers from all over the world to party and make merry. With Panaji as its capital, this historic state still exhibits the cultural influence of the Portuguese who first landed and conquered it in the early 16th century. Renowned for its beaches, churches and world heritage architecture, the tableau of Goa showcases a unique blend of different religions, cultures and talent.

With a huge tourist influx Goa is visited year-round. The best time to visit Goa starts in October and continues to March. The weather is glorious with very pleasant days and even better evenings. The party season in Goa peaks during the Christmas and New Year period and there are all night parties where merrymakers let down their hair and dance away the night. The weekly market place in Anjuna buzzes with activity and the lively Saturday Night Ingo market at Arpora attracts tourists and residents alike. The world-famous Rave Parties, introduced by hippies in 1960s, are held every night around Christmas and New Year featuring mesmerizing trance and techno-music.

February is Carnival time for Goa. Celebrations reach a peak with preparations for the event starting months in advance. The King Momo Parade is the culmination of the carnival and people come out on the streets to take part in the event. Loads of dancing and beach parties are the order of the day! The long Easter weekend in the month of April is also a great time to visit Goa.

Goa beaches offer thrilling aquatic sport activities like snorkeling, scuba-diving, surfing, water skiing, parasailing, deep sea fishing, windsurfing and jet-skiing. During these periods hotel and other prices soar so make sure to book your hotel and Goa tour packages well in advance.

Goa is at its romantic best during the rainy months of May and June. This is the time to relax, laze around and enjoy listening to the pitter-patter of cool raindrops and roar of the waves rumbling in your ears. Wake up to the wet and charismatic countryside and feast your eyes on the lush green paddy fields and swaying palm trees. This is a good time to enjoy Goa streets more than its beaches in order to soak Goan culture and relish authentic food.

The summer months from June to September are sweltering and dry and are perfect for taking a dip in the ocean. Enjoy serene afternoon siestas, comparatively pleasant evenings and heavy discounts on accommodation, dinner and drinks. This time is good to stopover the spice plantations and wildlife sanctuaries of the region.

Goa today is a year round destination, so anytime is good time to visit Goa!