Ladies, Hold Onto Your Purses! Safety Reminders

Because so much is kept inside a purse, thieves are realizing that the chances of getting a good-sized haul are good.

Each week, many victims report that they have had their purses stolen along with money, credit cards, phones and their personal information such as their social security number, driver’s license and bank account information.

Think about it, a thief can steal a purse, find cash, your bank account information and personal information, and within the first 30 minutes can withdraw money from your Bank account and rack up your credit card hundreds of dollars.  Has it happened to you?   

Criminals are opportunists and watching you very closely.  They make a good income waiting for the opportunity for unsuspecting women to leave their purses unattended, unzipped and exposed for the taking. 


Nightclubs are notorious for woman getting their purses stolen.  Clubs are crowded location; everyone is drinking, dancing and not really paying attention.  A thief will come and sit or stand next to you and wait for the right moment to take your purse. 

The likely location a thief will go right after stealing your purse is the bathroom to rummage through it and take what they want and then leave it or put it in the trash.  So, if you suddenly discover your purse gone, get the restroom quickly and most likely, you will find what is left of it there.

Safety reminder: The safest thing you can do is not carry a purse into a Night Club.  You can find other ways to carry only an ID card, one credit card and a $20.00 dollar bill, but you do not need an entire purse with your whole life inside of it.

Grocery stores

How many times have you seen a woman shopping and there on the top of the shopping cart is an open purse with the wallet just sitting there?  It is nearly impossible to shop and not turn away from your cart to walk partly down the aisle to shop.

Safety reminder:you only need your ID card and one credit card to shop.  If you have to take your purse with you, do not leave it unattended, open or exposed in your shopping cart.

Shoulder purse

Carrying a shoulder purse can be risky because of forgetting to zip it up exposing all of the contents, including your wallet.  A purse carried over the shoulder tends to rotate towards the back of your arm and a thief can simply walk up behind you and take your wallet right out of the purse without you noticing it.

Safety reminder: carry your shoulder purse with the strap over your head and on the opposite shoulder so the purse rests across your chest.  If this is not possible then at least make sure the purse is zipped shut and carried in front of you, not behind you.

Designer purses

Carrying an expensive designer purse is a double threat because thieves know what they are looking for.  Not only is there a big chance of more money and expensive items inside but that the purse itself is re-sold on various on-line classified sections.

Safety reminders:  sew your name or put an identifying tag on your purse.  A thief may think twice about stealing a purse with a nameplate or some identifying mark on it.  It will also be easier for security to identify your bag if you get it stolen. 


It is necessary that a friendly safety reminder be issued because there are too many theft reports being taken for stolen purses.

Times are tough to the point where people are resorting to disparate methods of survival and your purse is being targeted.

Be safe.     

Article also posted on Associated Content by Scott Hallock