Laptop Protected With my Choice of Antivirus Protection!

It was a usual day at the University and I was hanging around in the senior faculty lounge with my colleagues discussing various teaching policies over coffee. I did not have many lectures that day and it practically felt like a half-day. After coffee, I dragged myself out of the conversation and started working on my laptop. Soon, one of my student, Sabrina, came up to me and asked me if I had time to clear her doubts over the topic I had discussed in class a while back. I like students who take the initiative to come up to me and have discussions. I instantly agreed and told her I would be more than happy to run her through my lecture again.

She had jotted down all the important points in bullets and all she wanted me to do was to elaborate on them. She had them written neatly on a sheet of paper. I reached out for my laptop and switched it on. I then turned on the Wi-Fi in order to connect to the Internet. I had all my presentations stored on Microsoft Outlook so I clicked on it and opened the mail containing my last lecture’s presentation.

I clicked on the attachment and as I waited for it to download, I asked Sabrina what were the major challenges she was facing with the discussion topic. While we discussed, I checked on my laptop to see if the application had opened yet, but I could see that it had stopped running. I tried opening the attachment again, but it wasn’t responding anymore now. I tried to open the attachments with other mails but none of them were opening either. I browsed through the settings of Microsoft Outlook but found it hard to understand how to get the attachment files to open. Sabrina watched me patiently for about 15 minutes, while I was fiddling with the settings. She finally intervened with a suggestion that I should call up a iYogi Tech Support. She said it was a tech support company and added that she always relied on them whenever she had any problem with her laptop. I was preoccupied with my problem but took mental notes of everything she was saying. When I realized I was at my wit’s end, and I couldn’t get anything to work on my own, I decided to look out for iYogi Tech Support.

I quickly ran a search on iYogi over the Internet to check the credibility of their services and when I was quite convinced with what I was getting into, I went ahead and clicked on the chat option in their website to get connected to an online technician. I was asked for my details including contact information, e-mail ID etc. After I filled out the details, a technician greeted me and introduced herself to me. She verified my contact details and inquired me about the problem that I was facing with my lpatop. It didn’t take me long to give her every single detail. She posed a few questions to me and thereafter, she told me that she would need an access to my laptop screen to get the problem fixed. 

I immediately gave her the access and soon, she started working on my laptop. She performed a few steps while I watched and after working on it for close to half an hour, she told me to open the attachments of any one mail on Microsoft Outlook. It worked! I could open all attachments with no hiccups. I thanked the technician and closed the chat window.