Learn About Online Game Spam

Online Poker? Bingo? Slingo? Pogo? Yahoo Games? If you are involved in online gaming then you’ve probably experienced online gaming spam. It is extremely annoying and irritating.

You are providing spammers with free data when you enter online gaming information for your profile. The spammers get some demographics from you. For example, they know if you are female or male. Some people put what country, state or area they live. More demographic information you are giving to spammers for free.

Also, the majority of gaming sites have average statistics of the type of people that play the games. There is a median age, sex, education level and even geographic region that plays the games and plays them at specific times of the day. All of this information can be used by spammers.

Some players like to have friends. They will post their email address in their profiles. A big no no.

So let’s say you don’t have anything in your profile. You can still be exposed to online gaming spam while you play. Some sites play a “commercial” while the game uploads. Others play a “commercial” between rounds. This is all online gaming spam. It is commercials that you didn’t want to watch. Yet you can’t close them without losing the game you’re playing.

Online gaming spam is spam while you play games. It is also spam you receive from filling out the profile or registration information. Again, make sure to read TOS. You might be giving permission to receive product information from the advertisers that support the online game.