Lego Batman Achievement List Xbox 360

Lego Batman Achievement List Xbox 360:

<u>Hero.</u> – Complete the first episode – Hero.
<u>Super Hero.</u> – Complete the second episode – Hero.
<u>Crusader.</u> – Complete the third episode – Hero.
<u>Villain.</u> – Complete the first episode – Villain.
<u>Super-villain.</u> – Complete the second episode – Villain.
<u>Crime Lord.</u> – Complete the third episode – Villain.
<u>Sidekick.</u> – Complete a level in co-op.
<u>Memorabilia.</u> – Collect all Memorabilia.
<u>League of Assassins.</u> – Unlock all the Villain characters.
<u>Justice League.</u> – Unlock all the Hero characters.
<u>It’s the car, right?</u> – Unlock all Vehicles (Hero/Villain).
<u>1007 Mountain Drive.</u> – Complete Wayne Manor bonus level.
<u>Unbreakable.</u> – Finish a level without dying (Character) with no extras.
<u>0000001 00000011.</u> – Build the giant LEGO Robot.
<u>The city is safe… for now.</u> – 100% game completion.
<u>Cobblepot School of Driving.</u> – Smash all the cars in the robot level.
<u>Vigilante.</u> – Rescue 25 civilians.
<u>Be a Hero.</u> – Super Hero on every level.
<u>Super Builder.</u> – Build 50 LEGO build-its.
<u>Nice Outfit!</u> – Collect all suits.
<u>Dressed to Impress.</u> – Get all suit upgrades.
<u>The Richest Man in Gotham.</u> – Max out the stud counter.
<u>The Most Dangerous Man on Earth.</u> – Defeat Joker, Two-Face, Riddler and Catwoman as Batman.
<u>Heads I win, tails you lose.</u> – Defeat 10 goons and 10 police officers with Two-Face in a level.
<u>Who needs curiosity?</u> – Defeat Catwoman 9 times.
<u>Shot to the goon.</u> – Defeat 8 goons in 8 seconds.
<u>Throwing up.</u> – Throw 50 policemen with superstrength.
<u>Atomic Backbreaker.</u> – As Bane do the Backbreaker on Batman.
<u>Oh, I got a live one here!</u> – Shock 30 people with Joker’s hand buzzer.
<u>Kill-a moth.</u> – Defeat Killer Moth.
<u>Smash Gordon.</u> – Defeat Commissioner Gordon with Harley Quinn’s Hammer.
<u>Start of something wonderful.</u> – Shock the Joker with the Joker.
<u>Boy Wonder.</u> – Perform 20 backflips in a row with Robin.
<u>Thanks a million.</u> – Complete Arkham Bonus level.
<u>Is it a bird? Is it a plane?</u> – Glide for 9 seconds.
<u>Gentlemen, start your screaming.</u> – Knock 5 people into the ground with a vehicle at once.
<u>Natural Habitat.</u> – Smash all street lights in Episode 1 Chapter 1.
<u>Make it snappy.</u> – Build the Croc ride on.
<u>The Destroyer of Worlds.</u> – Destroy 12 objects at once with Bat Bombs.
<u>There and back.</u> – Destroy 10 objects in one Batarang throw.
<u>Kiss from a Rose.</u> – Eat 15 enemies with the Venus ride on .
<u>Ice to see you.</u> – Freeze 50 enemies as Mr. Freeze.
<u>Say hello to my little friends.</u> – Destroy 20 policemen with penguin bombers.
<u>Scare Tactics.</u> – Scare 5 enemies with Scarecrow.
<u>Down the rabbit hole.</u> – Use Mad Hatter’s mind control to walk 5 enemies to their deaths.
<u>Eat floor… High fiber.</u> – Slam 20 goons into the floor with Batman.

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