Leh Ladhak Tour – Nature’s Paradise

Ever longed for that one vacation which can change your life forever? Ever dreamed of living on the edge and yet feeling so relaxed? If the answer to the questions is yes, then Leh, Ladhak is the right place for you.

Leh, is the largest district of the State of Jammu and Kashmir, India. It is bordered by China and Pakistan. It is a small town which is not very densely populated and its total population extends up to just 1.17 Lac. It is like the heart of the State, where Srinagar is at a distance of 434 Kms and Manali of about 474 Kms.

The Scenic beauty of the District is simply breathtaking and leaves us in awe of nature. One can see the true form of nature at its best here. It is rightly described as the “Land of Mountains” as it is flanked by the mighty Himalayas and the Karakoram.

While some of you would want the vacation to be an opportunity to relax and take a breath from your hectic schedules, some would seek to have some adventure on the trip. Leh miraculously promises to fulfil both at the same time.

The trip assures you a lifetime of adventure. The apt time to visit Leh, Ladhak is from June to September when the nature welcomes you with open arms to its paradise. The summer season is the most pleasant and the temperature ranges from 20-30 degree. Being a hilly and mountainous area, it is also famous for Trekking and river rafting and ardent trekkers find August-September the most suitable months to trek as clear views and tracks are open. The scenic beauty comes alive when it snows and the place comes across as heavenly abode.

Having explored the adventurous side, there are also many tourist places which one may visit during their Leh Ladhak Tour . The place is famous for its Monasteries and the Leh Palace. The Buddhist Monasteries provide an insight into the Buddhist religion and culture. They provide an excellent treat to the eyes with their architectural designs and beautiful views.

The Leh Palace is one of the main attractions of the Place and is declared as a historical monument. The building, which is more or less ruined today, is believed to be built by the illustrious ruler Sengge Namgyal and gives a majestic view of the town.

The hotels in Leh Ladhak for stay are equally grand as the city itself. One gets a blended taste of luxury and comfort. In order to promote Ladhak Tourism, some hotels plan and include a Leh Ladhak Tour. These Ladhak tour packages are organized to guide the tourists so that they can experience a voyage like never before. Both the hotels and the tour packages are economical and hence are not a burden on your pockets.

So the next time you plan out a vacation, choose Ladhak as your destination and enjoy in the lap of nature and experience adventure and reliving as never before.