Limiting/sorting Groups With Top/bottom N

Once you have groups on your report, you might want to sort, those groups based on a subtotal or other summary field. Using Specified Order grouping, you learned how you can customize and combine groups and set specific or­ders. Using the Top N/Sort Group Expert) you can sort your groups based on a summary field for that group, and you can have the report print only the groups with highest or lowest values in the summary field. To begin, you must have a summary field on your report in order to use the Top N/Sort Group Expert. To sort and limit groups based on summary fields, follow these steps:

1. Click Report; lop N/Sort Group Expert or the Top N Expert toolbar button found on the supplementary toolbar. The Top N/Sort Group Expert opens.

2. In this Expert, a tab represents each group on your report. Select the tab for the group you want to sort

3. From the first left-hand list box, For This Group Sort, select All if you want to sort all groups on your report. Select Top N if you want to order your groups starting with the largest summary value for a specific number of groups (not all groups; you set the number of groups you want to sec by supplying a value for N). Or select Bottom N if you want to include only a specific number of groups with the lowest.

4. The second list, Based On, includes each summary field on your report for the group listed on the tab; you can base a sort on one of the summary fields in the list.

5. If you selected all, click either Ascending or Descending for each summary field you want to sort.

6. If you selected Top N or Bottom N, enter the numbers group that you want to include on your report by entering a number in the Where.

7. Click OK to close the Expert, Preview your report to see the effect of sorting your groups. Go back to the Top N/Sort Group Expert at any time to change or remove the sort.