Link Validator

The shortcuts and links must be working perfectly. And one way of checking this is using a Link Validator. Link Validator helps webmasters and creators automate the process of validating websites and carefully checking the sites for errors. Performing a deep thorough analysis of the entire website and all of its detailed pages discovers broken links even if Flash or JavaScript were used. Despite of what the name suggests, different Link Validator is not limited to link checking, and showing problems such as orphaned files, slow-loading, errors in HTML code, outdated and minuscule pages.

An example of a link validator is the Html Link Validator. This is a tool for checking different web pages for broken links on their web server, on your local computer, Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer favorites, internet shortcuts. When validating sites and pages which are on web server, somewhere in the web, Link Validator behaves as a fully automated, multithreaded, webspider, link-following which give you full detail report on links found in all scanned files and pages.

After checking and validation is complete, HTML Link Validator creates a check list of all checked files and links and marks files with problems or errors. To edit problems like broken link just click on it: user will see another window with some html source code with the cursor positioned on the problem or broken link. If the files are located on a local computer: Just double-click on a folder with HTML files and Validator will find all codes of HTMLs in this folder and all subfolders, creates the detailed file list, marks files with problem errors, displays links in simple convenient format, allow users to edit them. It even can find and validate at once all HTMLs on hard drive.

Another name roving around the net is the Web Link Validator. It works everywhere. The task of secure and password-protected pages, checking web-based authentication and proxy servers are absolutely not a problem. The ability to validate and check over one million links to local files as well as the links to external HTTPS, HTTP and FTP resources carefully helps webmasters make and maintain websites that are perfectly usable. It is not limited to machine-readable HTML language, the Web Link Validator helps webmasters maintain literate content in simple human language. The helpful built-in spell checker finds, check and corrects any spelling errors in English and over other 20 languages.

Future Features: sidebar with broken link summary list anchored to bad links, link duplication checking/count, options dialog to set timeout, color, skip criteria, right-click menu visibility, and other settings, more detailed or SVG progress pie chart, easy bookmark link checking, abilty to remove or “turn off” LinkChecker colors after check is complete, option time delay each link checked so script not seen as robot.