Live for Free (without Being Homeless)

  • The first and most important step you need to take is to commit to a time frame of living life for nearly free. Maybe decide to start from Spring until Fall or for one year. Or maybe don’t really decide this at all, but just know you have the option of joining the rest of civilization when you are ready.
  • The second and equally as important step: choose your freedom vessel. My husband and I before we married purchased an old boat complete with a toilet. It didn’t have a kitchen or shower, but it did have a bed in a cabin. For a whole summer we lived or I should say “camped” on this boat. It was pure heaven and one of our best memories. Another vessel you may choose is a road camper. This is great because it eliminates a need for a car. Whatever you choose, be sure it’s insured and this will likely be your only cost (and possibly the monthly payment if you borrowed money to pay for it.
  • Next, box up all of your belongings and place in storage. Believe me, you won’t miss any of it and it will be like being reunited with an old friend when you see your stuff again. Be sure to place important stuff you’re not sure about up front and CLEARLY mark the boxes! It’s also helpful if you find a storage room that is bigger than what you need so you can add more stuff later if needed.
  • Find a place to park. If you decide to opt for the boat route, you will have moorage fees. This should not exceed $150 a month and beats any rent payment you might have. If you decide to go the camper route, you may have to find a friend or relative that doesn’t mind you parking in front of their house for a while. To be fair, rotate places that you stay so nobody tires of your presence.
  • Now, you are ready to live the free life. There are other things you should do such as shut off bills you won’t need (electricity, internet, etc) and pre-pay for things you do no need (insurance, cell phone, etc).
  • Another important step you can take is to find all the local places that provide internet. It’s important to document your adventure and share it with others. Start a blog and invite everyone to read it. This is also a great way to let your family know where you are at if need be.
  • To work or not to work? It’s entirely possible to do this and keep working (I did). You will find yourself saving extraordinary amounts of money. Since you don’t have the space, you can refrain from buying what you need and you find very quickly that you don’t mind a simple wardrobe.
  • Find a place to shower. If you don’t have a way to shower daily, I recommend joining a gym. I actually knew of a couple that lived in a camper and every morning at 5 am, they went to the gym. He would work out and she would swim. They also enjoyed the sauna and steam room, showered and were out the door by 7 am. I was totally envious of their camper life (this was before we lived on the boat). If you are traveling, find out where the local YMCA is. They offer free or cheap day rates to use their facilities and they are always clean.
  • And last but not least. Enjoy your new nomad life. As you embark, you will get a lot of people questioning you but they will be secretly jealous. Take lots of photos, write lots of blogs and get some traveling done while you’re at it. Enjoy!