Living in a House Full of Boxes

I had no idea just how much stuff I collected until it came time to move. I got off lucky. We had a mover pack everything for us but now I’m sitting in a basement with 139 boxes to unpack!

Clothes… now I wish I had less… a whole lot less. We made the mistake of telling the builder that we would take care of the closets ourselves because I wanted fancier one’s than usually come with a new home. Unfortunately, it never occurred to me that I wouldn’t have anywhere to house my clothes. For three people, we certainly do have a lot more than we need. I’m going to have to re-think how many shoes a women really needs too!

The Holidays… Do I really need more than one Christmas Tree? I thought so  before the big move. Now I wish I only had one. And then there are the Christmas houses that I began to collect a few years ago. Having a gorgeous Christmas village certainly is cute, but it’s a lot of work. I also got carried away with festive lights. Hey, they were on sale and I couldn’t resist. I have enough for the entire street. And then there are…

-30 years worth of decorations for the tree

-holiday dishes

-holiday books

Books and More Books… Yes, I do have this thing about books and I don’t think that there is a holiday that I don’t have books about… I can’t give those way now can I?? Must look for other things to give away!

Cosmetics… You have no idea how many lipsticks I own. Lets just say that there are lots. And then there are all the blushes, and shadows!! Hey, I have yet to find a Sephora that didn’t entice me into their store!

Gardening Accessories… Having a landscape designer for a daughter means that we own every gardening tool imaginable, the latest watering can, tree stakes, special oils… I could go on and on. And, at the moment, it’s all sitting in boxes in our basement.  Does she really need all of this stuff! Have no idea, but I can’t wait for her to sort it out!

At the moment, I have a box all ready for items that I can simply give to someone else! And that collecting bit… I think that I’m cured! I just might have to stay away from bookstores and maybe stores that sell cosmetics… and shoe! Completely forgot about my shoes! I have a thing about shoe stores too!