Living Water: God’s Miracle

Why is it that we drink everything but what God intended for us to drink, that is, water? We drink sweet tea, coffee, commercial soft drinks, alcohol, and sugary fruit drinks to the exclusion of good cold water.  The damage we do to our bodies when we drink too much of these unnatural and artificial beverages has been increasingly documented by the health industry and can be avoided if we don’t ignore the warnings. 

Drinking too much of these sugary beverages adds a lot of empty calories to our diet without adding any beneficial vitamins and minerals much of the time.  These calories convert to the fat flab around our middles. With obesity comes an increase in serious health problems related to high sugar and fat diets.  Alcohol is one of the highest caloric drinks and is often a key factor in obesity.  In low carbohydrate diets, some of the first things to go are commercial soft drinks, alcohol, and other high sugar content drinks like fruit punches.

Drinking water, on the other hand, has many health benefits.  Choosing water, rather than high sugar drinks, is one of the first things we can do to reclaim our health, and lose unwanted pounds from our mid-section.  Overweight people are at greater risk of heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, and chest infections.  If we drink more water, we will have less constipation, less kidney and bladder problems, less urinary tract infections, less acne, and less problems associated with obesity.

Drinking water is especially beneficial in keeping the skin clear of acne in teens and others prone to have this problem.  Drinking water instead of sugary and often caffeinated commercial soft drinks helps children suffering from constipation, enuresis (bed wetting), and encopresis (soiling unexpectedly).  Drinking more water helps clear up bladder and urinary tract infections much faster than continuing to drink sodas, tea, coffee, and alcohol, which are diuretic in nature. 

Diuretics act on the kidneys to increase urine output.  This increase of urine is accompanied by a loss of sodium and potassium, which are essential nutrients. Dehydration can occur, especially in the young and elderly. Insufficient water in the diet often causes dehydration and diuretics in the diet compound the problem. Dehydration is caused when most of the fluid in the colon is absorbed into the blood stream, leaving the feces hard and difficult to pass (constipation).

Drinking too many diuretic drinks compounded by not drinking enough water causes many problems that can be largely avoided if we would only choose water instead.  Constipation and cystitis (bladder infection) are both effectively treated by drinking more water and less diuretic drinks.  Obesity is also decreased by drinking more water and less sugary sodas, which are diuretic.  Diuretic drinks and drugs do not help in weight loss, but only takes needed water out of the body. 

God designed our bodies to drink water and when we drink too many sugary and often caffeinated drinks instead, we will likely have health problems eventually.  We can usually avoid these if we limit our consumption of these products and drink more water instead.  Our health will be better overall, we will be less inclined to obesity, and our pocket books will benefit as well.  Water, living water, is truly God’s miracle!